Airtel 3G latest hack for March April

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Naveen jain

Sunday, 16 March 2014

Hello everyone out there, and Happy Holi this is naveen jain, and today i am going to make a openvpn config file which will inturn make the unlimited. if you know previous pdproxy which is also shared for march april 2014, then this will work fine, and if previous does not work, then follow the steps carefully, i will tell you step by step. Please don't be so forward, and if you are new to openvpn, just drop me a mail on I will try to help you. But this article is self explainatory, specially for newbies.
So first see the features of this trick.


  • TCP supported:- This trick is tcp supported, so no issues, and will work in those states where tcp port is opened.
  • High Speed 3G:- This trick will give you high speed 3G. Use it in Limit. (100Mb and then disconnect otherwise your sim may get blocked.)
  • Torrent Supported:- This trick will be appreciated by torrent lovers, as it supports torrent.
  • Need to change Password:- You need to change password, every 7 days, don't worry, it's very easy. I will explain it in this tutorial.
  • Exclusively on This trick is exclusively distributed on
  • Easy To use:- This trick is easy to use.


  • First Download and install NMDVPN, if you don't know where to get it, then get it from here.
  • Also install tap drivers which are included in NMDVPN itself, now download the config files and extract them and paste them in C:\Program Files\NMDVPN\config folder.
  • Now open NMDVPN with administrative privilages and then connect to airtel through APN-

  • In tray, on the right hand side you will see NMDVPN, Right click it and connect to any of our servers.
  • It will get connected. and enjoy free internet.

Changing Password:-

  • This trick requires to change password as password is changed by site every 7 days, so follow the steps to change password, Go to, then Scroll down, and clck on PPTP or OpenVPN, then you will get password. This is working password, copy it.

  • Go to C:\Program Files\NMDVPN\config Folder, now open password.txt and remain first line(which is username) as it is that is vpnbook, and change the second line(which is password) to the new password. And save the file and then connect again.

Enjoy the holi gift, and remember, disconnect after 150 MB and then connect again otherwise your sim may get blocked.

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  1. Bro, please help me.

    This config is not work for me..

    I wast much time on internet for searching a working trick for these network airtel, aircel, docomo.. And i have complete 300+ survey And i founded more then 10,000+ post and trick on internet like nmd, pdproxy, handler, proxy, vpn etc etc.. But none of this work for me..

    I saw your blog, and i feel ur blog giving true information about network..

    So please tell me a trick for airtel, aircel or docomo which work 100%.. Im chennai, Tamil nadu ..

    Ur my last hope ...

    Please contact me at

    or in facebook ..

    Waiting for your reply ..