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Thursday, 11 April 2013

Welcome Torrent lovers, this time the cookie is working but with very complex method, thanks to hackerszone for giving the cookie, the zbigz upgraded their system, but nowadays hackers are forward than the site members of zbigz, they have created a hole in the zbigz and fetched a fresh cookie upto 6th may 2013, this time you need to do much more hard work then ever before. :-


  1. In our previous 3 articles we pressurized on torrents, now zbigz blocked cookies from different IP, but we can do it from same IP, using VPN. Let's see steps. First go to Control Pannel
  2. Now go to Network and Create a new network.
  3. Now Click on Connect to a workplace.
  4. Now Click Use My Internet Connection and select your internet connection you connect to (Mine is broadband) If you use it temporarily then don't tick, the check box (Always use this connection).
  5. Now click Next, enter as Internet Address and anything as VPN name. Also check, Don't connect Now.
  6. Now after click next, enter the username and password as :-
  7. pptp

  8. Password:-Zj8Dc6FV
  9. Now create the connection and connect it, Now go to Zbigz and enter the cookie in PHPSESSID which is listed at end of page.

How to Set up cookie?:-

  1. Install the Edit This Cookie Manager throgh this link in Chrome:- Link.
  2. Now go to after connecting Through VPN connection.
  3. Now click edit this cookie icon and click on PHPSESSID.
  4. If you are logged in then edit the cookie to this value :- Best_computer_tutorials_premium and then reload and again click on PHPSESSID
  5. Edit the cookie value with one given at bottom and click Submit Cookie changes
  6. After that Reload the webpage, premium activated, now do whatever you want, but not deletion of files.


Never Logout Cookie. and never visit zbigz without connection of VPN. If you want to Logout, then edit PHPSESSID value to :- BEST_COMPUTER_TUTORIALS_PREMIUM

Message From Owner:- 

Guyz, this is my Cookie, I have bought it and i am sharing with you, please visit my Facebook Page. I buy this cookie until 6 May, please don't logout, let other's enjoy the premium. This message was from Anuj Rajput.


Please read the upper Instruction, even if you are experienced. Cookie:- 5rl3u76ifuceb56oobne362ep4
I downloaded the below file from 2G data connection, (after using broadband, for speed test.) results 16connections, all connected.:-
Please comment and share. Thanks.

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  1. hey bro its automatically gets logged out...................,.when i put cookie and save...............after that i reload...............but its get logged out????????