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Naveen jain

Friday, 26 April 2013

Access airtel 3G in banned areas

Posted by Naveen Jain on 20:36 with 4 comments

Welcome to all our readers, we were very much sorry to announce the deactivation of 3G in some states, including mine(Haryana), but now you can access 3G tricks in those areas too. But you need to maintain a condition:-


A fully unblocked sim.
It should have activated 3G at least once before de-activation of 3G.(not 0 rental plan)


This trick is exclusively made by, anyone who copies it will be punished according to DMCA law. If you want to use trick, you are free to use, but never copy it. A trick copier :- was punished as his blog was de-activated, after my request. I will tell, how i did it in next articles!


If you have activated a recharge plan before, then go to retailer and ask him to do recharge of previous 3G pack(i prefer small 3G plan)
Then you get 3G signals
Now you can enjoy the tricks.


  1. Hey can you tell me the previous 3G recharge pack in Haryana?

    1. First of all sorry for late reply, i recommend using a sim of another state where 3G is working. Actually, i am preparing for iit and not able to blog as i was till april. So please forgive me, you may use rajasthan sim, tricks work perfectly in haryana of rajasthan's sim.

  2. Hey, I am not able to activate any of the previous 3G plans which were available in my circle (Haryana) through recharge from Retailer.

    "Recharge not successful"

    This message appears whenever I am trying to recharge from Retailer.I have tried to recharge from 5 retailers.What shouid I do now? Please help me.

  3. Thanks a lot for sharing on insightful knowledge about this fields, I truly appreciate it!

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