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Naveen jain

Thursday, 18 April 2013

How Individual Computer Parts Are Manufactured

Posted by Naveen Jain on 18:19 with 8 comments

This is a guest post from David Hansen
The process behind producing individual computer components hasn’t changed much over the years
(it’s just been streamlined to a precise art), but most users don’t understand exactly what is involved
with getting the equipment from base materials to functioning hardware. It’s something that’s easy
to take for granted – we just see the working final product, after all. But the reality is that computers
require a lot of complex components, working perfectly together, to provide the best experience, and
it’s a long road from concept to working computer.

Begin With the Design

Computers are designed to perform a specific task, and that is where the engineering process begins.
The purpose determines the specifications, not the other way around. A computer design starts with the
end-goal in mind and from there it’s possible to determine where to begin.

In truth, computer designs go back to the raw materials that make up each component, but most of the
manufacturers we associate with computer development don’t go that far and make each one from
scratch. Rather, they usually buy individual parts from companies who specialize in producing a single

Down to Basics

Have you ever really considered what goes into making a single CPU? There’s a wide range of raw
materials that play a part in the final results. Silica sand, iron, gold, steel, glass, and many other elements
must be combined to manufacture a single computer part. On top of all those materials, there’s still the
range of chemicals that are used for etching, imprinting and cleaning. Specialist companies take these
individual components and combine them into something useable send them off to the manufacturers.

Sand, or silica, is one of the most important materials used in this process. Silicon dioxide is made
into crystals of pure silicon and then sliced into thin wafers. The next step involves attaching metal to
and using the process to create the necessary connections. A single chip could end up with countless
transistors, resistors, etc, and be used as memory, processors, or other important components.

The silicon is then encased in plastic, ceramic, or metal cases to provide some protection from physical
harm and then it can be attached to a circuit board for use in a computer. Circuit boards are just plastic
card with patters of copper foil etched into it through a chemical process.

On to the Manufacturer

Once these parts have been assembled, they are shipped out to the brand manufacturer where they are
made into the computers that can be used to accomplish the original purpose. This is where they will
receive their software installations and quality checks before being sent out into the world.

About the Author: 

David Hansen works with the Titanium Processing Center, which provides the metals
that several computer manufacturers use to make their computer products. He is a keen blogger that
enjoys finding opportunities to spread his knowledge and passion to others.


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