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Tuesday, 18 July 2017

How to remove Duplicate files

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Problems with our computer systems are an all too common occurrence. Locating and removing duplicate files that have been stored on your system, are but one of many. Not so long ago, hard drives were pretty costly, especially the ones with the largest storage capacities, as a result, people opted for the more affordable solutions. This meant users had to be more cognizant of where their storage space was going, constantly carrying out regular cleanups, in order to remove redundant files. When individuals carried out this cleanup process, duplicate files were the first things that they went after. However, as time progressed, hard drives with larger storage capacities became cheaper and more accessible, this lead to free space becoming less of an issue, for the vast majority of computer users. Since the arrival of Solid State Drives (SSD), storage space has started to become somewhat of an issue again. Yes, it is possible for you to purchase an SSD with large storage capacity, but the cost is enough to deter most users. In this article I intend to list a number of Windows compatible applications, that you can use to remove duplicate files on your system, freeing up, much need storage space.

1.)Digital Volcano's Duplicate Cleaner Free

This application is proven to be quite adept at removing duplicate times. Digital Volcano's Duplicate Cleaner is capable of automatically detecting and removing duplicate files, without any input from the user. The user need only set the file size for the search criteria. You’ll also want to ensure that only true duplicates are deleted. This is possible as the program is capable of deleting only those files that have the same file name and content. You can also determine the location(s) on the drive that it will search for duplicate files. So for example, if you don’t want it to check System Files/Folders, you can do so, by checking that option. This is an excellent feature, as it will ensure all your system files remain safe. Once the appropriate settings have been configured, the end user need only click on the Scan Now button. When the scan process has been completed, the user will be presented with a list of duplicate files. You can decide whether you want to delete all the files at once, or cycle through them one by one, and delete where application.

2.)Use dupeGuru

dupeGuru is the industry standard tool for locating and deleting files within a Microsoft Windows environment. Currently, there are 3 different versions of this application, the Standard, Music and Picture editions. The Standard Edition is of course, the default version, which is capable of searching all of your computer files, whether by the file content or file name. This tool has an algorithm that is capable of detecting duplicate files, even when the names of both files have been changed or if some or most of the content matches another file. The Music Edition is designed to find music media files, such as MP3, WMA, AAC, OGG and FLAC. It is capable of scanning by filename, tags and even the content of the music media files. The main advantage of using this file for detecting duplicate music files, as opposed to the standard edition, is that it is capable of detecting duplicate music files, even when the files use a different encoder or saved at a different bit rate, enabling you to keep the better quality music files on your computer. The third and last version of this application is the Picture Edition. As the name suggest, this version is most adept at locating duplicate image files, such as GIF, JPG, PNG, TIFF and BMB file formats. The search algorithm of the application is capable of detecting duplicate image files, even when they use different file formats or have been rotated or resized. It is also capable of finding image files that have been partially edited, which can come most in handy, when trying to locate the source of a modified image.


I’m certain you have already heard of this application, as it is currently one of the leading Windows applications for removing redundant files from a computer system. However, what most individuals are unaware of is that it has its own built-in duplicate file remover feature. Ccleaner is capable of scanning for duplicate filename, matching content, size and by the date they were modified. If you already have Ccleaner on your computer, then this should come as some good news to you, as you won’t have to install any other applications on your computer. You can find the duplicate finder feature on the Tools tab. Ccleaner has a host of other features, many of which you may find helpful, so why not check them out. Who knows, you may be able to free up even more hard drive space as a result of it.

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