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Friday, 28 April 2017

7 coolest Firefox Tricks

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Firefox is designed to provide you improved browsing experience. It is equipped with numerous useful features and functions. Despite the fact, Firefox is a leading browser amongst users still there are many useful features which are left unnoticed by many users. Let’s discuss these hidden features of Firefox in these tips and tricks.
Remove items from address bar history: Firefox’s built-in feature enables you to see the previous visited URLs in address bar drop-down when you begin typing the URL. It displays the URLs matching to the letters you are typing. It helps you quickly access those websites and URLs. For any reasons, if you don’t like this feature or want to erase previously visited URLs history then you can remove them from the drop-down list. To do this, start typing URL in the address bar when suggested URLs are displayed go to the one which you don’t want to display, using down arrow and press delete. It will instantly disappear that URL from the list.
Mouse shortcuts: Applying shortcuts while working on the system is extremely useful and makes your work smooth and faster. Similar to keyboard shortcuts there are plenty useful Mouse shortcuts as well, which helps you save your time and efforts. These shortcuts are useful to perform numerous useful functions. Let’s discuss some of these useful shortcuts here.
  • Middle click on link (opens in new tab)
  • Shift + Scroll up (next page)
  • Shift + Scroll down (previous page)
  • Ctrl + Scroll up (decrease text size)
  • Ctrl + Scroll down (increase text size)
  • Middle click on a tab (close tab)
Limit RAM Usage: This one is a useful trick when you want Firefox to use fewer resources while performing normally. Limiting RAM usage can help you speed up your system performance. If you find Firefox is consuming too much memory than required or you want to limit is usually, you can make some certain changes in its settings. To do this, go to about:config, filter “browser.cache” and select “browser.cache.disk.capacity”. By default, you find it at 50000 value, but you can lower this value depending on how much memory you have on your system. Try to fix it at 15000 if you have RAM between 512 MB and 1 GB.
Source: proxyswitcher
Move or remove the close tab button: If you have accidentally click on the close button of Firefox tabs, you can move or remove them using about:config in address bar. Now edit the preferences for “browser.tabs.closeButtons”. Set value from 0-3. Here is the meaning of each value.
  • 0 – Display a close button on the active tab only.
  • 1 (default) – Display close button on all tabs
  • 2 – Don’t display any close buttons
  • 3 – Display a single close button at the end of the tab bar.
Source: jeffersonscher
Pin the tab on the homepage: You can find all your recently visited websites as a thumbnail grid on the Firefox homepage. You can customize these thumbnail settings as per you want and can pin any of your favorite tabs on the home page. To do this, type about:config in address bar. It will open the settings. (Here you will find the default arrangement for the thumbnails at 4x3 grid) Now select browser.newtabpage.rows and browser.newtabpage.columns, double click and make the required changes. The changes will take effect instantly.
Source: thewindowsclub
Shrink your icons: This useful tip helps you achieve a more minimalistic look of Firefox browser screen. You can make your browser icons small to make use of more screen space easily. To do this, simply go to View > toolbars > Customize and then choose the box name Use Small Icons.
Search inside any website: Use this nifty trick to search inside any website. To do this, you can create a search keyword to get improved search results within a website. You can apply this change with a simple tweak in Firefox browser. To do this, open any website in the Firefox browser, right-click on the search box and select “Add a keyword for this search” option. It will open a new pop-up window to create a particular keyword for your search. Once added to the list, you can use this search keyword for direct and instant search on your address bar.

You can follow these simple yet useful tips of Firefox to improve the browsing experience. Apart from these useful tips, you can look for many other interesting tips & tricks to improve Firefox experience.

About Author :- Yogesh Sharma is working as an SEO personnel and technical content writer for Systweak. He likes to talk about various threats to cybersecurity and cybercrime awareness in his blogs. 

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