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Naveen jain

Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Review of best VPN

Posted by Naveen Jain on 19:54 with 3 comments
Today, we are living in IT's era and some colleges, schools, net-cafe's and even your ISP ban you from accessing many site or even some ISP give very high speed but low bandwidth then you compromise with bandwidth, then what to do. Is there any solution for this problem? Yes, there is that is a VPN(Virtual Private Network), it solves all the problem and so make your task very easy.
But if you find VPN then there comes a huge list that keeps you confused about which VPN to choose? In this post we will be looking at the best VPN of today's time that is PD Proxy VPN service.
1.)It solves a lot of problem and even it is easy to use and helps you a lot by encrypting the connection between your computer and internet and hence saves a lot of bandwidth.
2.)Good user-interface
3.)Buy and get free internet usage by using tricks as it can perform lot's of tricks that helps you to surf freely.
4.)Be anonymous on internet. Sit in India and Get IP of US.
5.)View the content blocked by your ISP.
Again get this world class VPN from PD Proxy VPN service register account and get free 100MB per day. Buy it and get unlimited usage per day.


  1. Anchor Free's Hotspot Shield free VPN & Proxy services allows you to browse the internet and perform online activities in complete privacy. It secures your web browsing session, protects you from hackers.

  2. You can install "Hotspot Shield" Free VPN to access your favorite websites anonymously, because Hotspot Shield ensures complete online internet privacy of your online activity. It also detects and blocks malware, phishing and spam sites from reaching your PC.

  3. Hotspot Shield is one of the most popular and trusted Vpn service provider available in the market.

    Now "Hotspot Shield" provides its service to most Smartphones users like iPhone, android phones or tablet like iPad. It is quite effective in providing privacy and security, even speed up web browsing on phones and save money on our phone bill by data compression.

    Unlike other VPN services HotSpot Shield VPN can optionally virus scan and inspect all Internet traffic elements before they are sent to you. All known intrusion attempts and traffic infected with known viruses and malware are removed from your traffic stream before it is forwarded to you.