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Naveen jain

Tuesday, 19 June 2012

How to start earning money online?

Posted by Naveen Jain on 10:55 with 3 comments
If you want to earn money online then you would surely choose the easiest way, the easiest way to earn money online is through clixsense - Register here, if you have not registered yet.
Now click on View Ads (probably the easiest way) List of Ads would  be available to you. Click on any ad-   Then a new tab will open, click on Cat image there. Then wait for 3 seconds,if it give $0.001, wait for 30 seconds,if it give $0.01, wait for 60 seconds, if it give $0.02,  If you have clicked all the ads then complete tasks,offers or surveys, play clixgrid, you could win upto $5 using it.  If you have more queries, then comment here.


  1. hey mate,,, check out this link:

    it is PTC (paid to click), our job is just click the ads/advertisements everyday...

    100% making money for us ;)
    moreover we can earn thousands of dollar /month...

    without use your own money or investing money and there's no MLM system,,,,
    they already paid more than "$64 millions" and exist since 2008...!!!

    and also they had a forum for us to sharing strategy with other members from foreign countries,,,

    we just need invest our time, let say 5 minute/day...
    how wonderfull if we work without "boss" and work +- 5 minutes per day...=)
    and earn a lot of MONEY!!!^^

    you don't believe this???

    check out this one(one of success member that already get $100,000!!!!) :

    remember!!!he is not the most successfull one!!!
    but the litle one^^

    heres are the BIG KEY and the Logic!!!
    we no need to find referrals or invite peoples like MLM!!!
    because we can rent referrals to help us increase the profit!!!

    1 referral = $0.2
    so we need only $20 for 100 referral,,,
    if you standard member 1 click ads from rent referral = $0.005
    every rent referral had maximum clicks thats 4 clicks every day,,

    so your profit per day if you standard member with 100 rent referrals:
    0.005x4x100=$2 per day,, and $60 per month,,,!!!

    if you GOLDEN(golden price =$90)member 1 click ads form rent referral = $0.01
    so your profit per day if you GOLDEN member with 100 rent referrals:
    0.01x4x100=$4 per day,, and $120 per month,,,!!!

    how if you have 1000 rent referrals?!? 10000 rent referrals?!? or more over 100000 rent referrals!!!
    its so easy to become success right???^^


    "PATIENCE" is the KEY!!!
    especially who is starting from "zero"!!! because we need to collect $0.2 to rent 1 referral...

    the wonderful of sharing,,,=)

    LIFE IS a CHOICE!!!!
    once again our job just see ads everyday!!!

  2. Nice post naveen there are tons of scam so always beware. Clixsense as you know is a good site

    neobux is a good site but rented referrals is a waste of money they used to be a leader a year back but after the drop in the rates its not a good site anymore but a waste of time if you don't have at least 1000 referrals :-)